Writing A Summary Essay On A Story That You Have Read

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    A summary essay should be organized so that others can understand the source Usually, though, you have to write this statement rather than quote it from the 

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    Nov 19, 2012 There are two basic types of summaries: a reader summary, that you compose to develop a better understanding of what you have read, or a 

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    May 17, 2017 When you finish the article, read all the underlined sentences. . When writing the analysis, you need to think about what kind of text it is and 

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    Jun 4, 2017 For a responsive reading essay, you also need to: Give a brief summary of the article or the part of the article that you are responding to. Another approach is to retell the same story in the conclusion with a different 


    Analyzing a short story might include identifying a particular theme (like is to convince the person reading your essay that you have supported the idea you are 

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    A summary is not a rewrite of the original piece and does not have to be long nor should it be to examine what you are reading can help you to write the summary. In the short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," author James Thurber 

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    Example: I liked the story “Good Country People”; I‟ll read it again. 2. If no, you do not have enough material for a full paper, return to step 2 and find a second 

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    Give the gist of the argument or the story in your own words. You have to stick to the bare bones of the plot, the main characters, and the essence Regardless of this, write as though you are doing it for those who have not read the original 

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    Although a well-written non-fiction work reads like a seamless whole, it is that made you weep-is it a major or really just a minor element in the story? You've read the book. You have to write a summary in six to eight pages. This is okay; remember that your finished paper needs to fall in a range of six to eight pages.

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    When you're writing a summary of a story it needs to be short, sweet and to the point You'll need to take notes as you read so that you have refer to them when