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    Good for you for having such great essays that someone wants to publish them! Rest assured there exists many books out there that are compilations of " successful" college admissions essays. Many students read these books to get a sense of what a good essay should be like. A lot of college admissions counselors and

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    Jun 5, 2017 You want to sell those overpriced text books back (for just a fraction of the original price, unfortunately), trash old assignments, delete essay files and enjoy your break with the peace of mind that “Basically, writing that would be assigned in typical high school or college courses,” says the F.A.Q. page.

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    This unfortunate reality has spawned the rise of some interesting, if not shady, cottage “essay help” industries that cater to the intellectually lazy and the expressive-language challenged. One such type of enterprise is the essays-for- sale crowd. The phrase “essays for sale” reminds me of “love for sale.” In a sense , selling

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    Why Students Sell Their Essays Online? Many college students have a computer that is filled with essays for which they have already received credits. They are on the lookout for other students who are ready to buy these term papers, thesis papers, book reports and other term projects, as these papers are not of much use