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    6) Here is an example of an op-ed that you can customize with your Can they tell you if and when to look for your op-ed piece in the paper or online? 9) When

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    EXAMPLES OF TWO GOOD AND ONE POOR OP-ED PIECES. The Point: 1: The paper lacks an identifiable point. Readers are left ONE POOR EXAMPLE:

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    OpEd, short for Opposite the Editorial, is a newspaper opinion piece from contributors not affiliated An OpEd makes an excellent assignment that replaces an essay. Use an Op-Ed for Betrayed by Obama - OpEd Example. • A critique of an

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    Pacific Standard ( A technological godsend to counter hearing loss. (PDF) Myers, D. G. (2015, August 28). Wall Street Journal essay about

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    Jan 28, 2013 An op-ed piece derives its name from originally having appeared opposite the editorial page in a newspaper. Today, the term is used more

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    If you're a highly successful author and you're on staff at the paper, your op-ed will probably rank high on the editorial radar. But when you read this piece, you

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    Nov 8, 2012 For a different type of writing assignment, I sometimes ask students to compose an op-ed essay that succinctly communicates their point of view

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    Essays on the op-ed page are usually brief, typically 500-800 words in length, Evidence to back up this point might get personal, for example, you may include