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    Sample Op-Ed. The following op-ed was written by Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former governor of West Virginia, and Wade Henderson, counselor for the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund. It appeared in the San Jose Mercury News on September 17, 2007. No Child

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    Nov 20, 2017 For example, new immigration laws may push nonprofit immigration advocates to write an op-ed in favor of the new laws. An op-ed is anywhere from 300-700 words long, and sometimes a biography line and/or a photo of the "writer" (or subject matter expert) runs with the piece. Here are some tips on how

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    5) For inspiration on how to arrange your ideas, you can look at the samples linked to the bottom of this page. 6) Here is an example of an op-ed that you can customize with your information. You can view tips for customizing on this version of the op-ed. Send and publicize. 7) To send the op-ed to the paper, follow the

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    An op-ed is an essay intended for publication opposite the editorial page of a newspaper. Scores of submissions come in to a newspaper - The Washington Post receives more than 400 every day of the week and prints two or three per day maximum. Editors want some very concrete things in the op eds they choose to print

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    [Source: a combination of Karl Schmid's (York University) “Instructions for Wring Op-Ed Pieces" and Duke University's “Op-Ed Aritcles: How to Write and Place Them" (]. TWO GOOD AND ONE POOR EXAMPLE OF OP-ED PIECES. TWO GOOD EXAMPLES: The New

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    Consider submitting an op-ed when your issue -whether it is sex education, GLBTQ youth, or HIV/STIs prevention - is not supported by your paper's editorial page, Sample Op-Ed. Information is Power. Last week, Ludlowe High School commemorated World AIDS Day. While most of our attention on AIDS these days is

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    Yet, an Op-Ed is the type of real-world writing skill students need to flourish in the 21st century. Why use it. The purpose of an Op-Ed is to sway public opinion An OpEd makes an excellent assignment that replaces an essay. Use an Op-Ed for assignments where you would normally ask the student to argue their opinion.

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    Op-ed editors at these papers increasingly prefer authors who live locally or have other local connections. If you're submitting an article to your local paper, this will work in your favor. If you're submitting it in a city where you once lived or worked, be sure to mention this in your cover note and byline. Likewise, if you're writing