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    This sample Analysis of an Argument contains an actual Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) question and answer from a real GMAT exam. The following is an actual AWA essay that received the highest rating: This argument states that it makes financial sense for employers to make the workplace safer because by

  • Sample GMAT Essay Prompt (Topic) and Exemplary Response

    This page provides a GMAT-style Argument Analysis prompt (topic), along with a model essay that responds to the prompt.

  • The Best GMAT Essay Template to Help You Ace the AWA

    Mar 26, 2018 In this post, we'll go over what the GMAT essay assignment is, how a template can help you nail it, and give you a few example templates that reflect different kinds of approaches you can take. Finally, we'll discuss how to make your own template based on what works best for you. The GMAT essay

  • Sample AWA Prompt and 6/6 Essay : Analytical Writing Assessment

    Jan 19, 2017 One of my (anonymous) students wrote a 6/6 essay (as graded by GMAT Write) in response to an official GMAC essay prompt, and has kindly

  • Two AWA mistakes to avoid - Economist GMAT Tutor

    Both sample responses are shorter than your official GMAT essay should be, but the first response is by far the strongest. You'll find that, although the author of Response 1 should add another supporting paragraph or two, the writer has done a better job of backing up their argument by countering the logic of numerous

  • GMAT Essay Series: A Perfect 6 Essay Sample | Knewton

    Jul 20, 2009 How to Score a 6 on Your GMAT Essay Writing Score. Here is an example of a GMAT essay that earned the score of 6. Take a few moments to read it over. Below we will break down exactly how and why the piece was able to earn this score.

  • GMAT AWA Example Essay - Magoosh GMAT Blog

    Oct 30, 2012 GMAT AWA essay samples are one of the best ways to learn how to get a great GMAT essay score. See how to score a 6 with these GMAT essay examples.

  • GMAT AWA Sample Essays - Platinum GMAT

    View or download free sample GMAT AWA essays written in response to analysis of an issue and analysis of an argument questions.

  • GMAT Issue Essay Examples and Se - Kaplan Test Prep

    Jan 23, 2017 Unlike real life where most of your opinions are probably a mix of gray, the GMAT Issue essay requires you to take a strong stand on one side of the issue. For example, someone with a lot of knowledge about psychology may argue persuasively that exposure to violence leads to increased violent