How To Write A Profile Essay On A Place

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    Step 1: Write a Place Profile. Place profiles are the most direct way to convey to others why your place matters. A place profile is a document that: Establishes basic facts about a place;; Presents a narrative (in the manner of a story) about why the place is important. A place profile need not be lengthy, or cost a lot to put

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    Sep 24, 2015 A profile essay is a literary work that focuses on description of a person (people, event, or place) and its goal is, first and foremost, being informative. This type of essay should function as a work of journalism - be factual and descriptive, while retaining traits of a literary work: presenting your perspective on

  • Composing A Great Profile Essay On A Place: Vital Hints

    A profile essay on a place is a great opportunity to use your imagination. If you have visited the place in the past you may have more insight to add to make your paper standout. To help you write a great profile paper there are several tips to consider. As you learn different aspects of writing this essay you will find it easier to

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    The Writing Center - Valle Verde. Profile Essay. A profile essay is a type of essay that centers a certain person, place, or thing. One of the most common profile essay assignments is one in which the author “profiles” a certain person, offering information about who that person is and why they are important. A profile essay

  • A Piece Of Advice On How To Start Off A Profile Essay

    5 Helpful Suggestions On How To Start Off A Profile Essay. A profile essay is a type of descriptive essay that involves writing about a particular person, place or object in a comprehensive, sensory and precise manner. The writer should be able to write in such detail that the reader gets a feeling that he actually knows the

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    Composing a good profile essay on a place requires some major points to be followed. Look through the expert's advice to improve your writing skills.

  • Essay #1: Profiling a Person or Place - the EGSA Pedagogy website!

    For this essay, you are to write a Profile of a person or a place (or a person and place) that you think would interest LSU students or Baton Rouge readers. This should be the kind of essay that you could submit to the campus newspaper, The Reveille or The Tiger Weekly, or a community paper or magazine, such as The

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    Free Essays from Bartleby | Paige Plantier Profile Essay Brother Gagon Eng 101 10 June 2010 It's Meatloaf Night! “Pick up Profile Essay Example .. Wal-Mart also developed a seal to place on healthier foods with nutrition information rating the levels of sodium, fat, and sugar content (“Paymar Communications”, 2010).

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    Jul 9, 2009 Anoka Ramsey Community College English 1121: College Writing and Critical Reading Fall 2001 / Sections 3 and 6. Portfolio #1: Profile Essay. Assignment: Write an essay of 3-4 pages about an intriguing person, place, or activity in your community. Choose one of the two following options: (1) a brief