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    Jun 17, 2015 If you cannot find anything that interests you, try searching for a topic that looks more interesting than others. Analyze the chosen topic. You need to figure out whether the topic is broad or narrow. A broad topic is one that does not provide you with specific information about what you need to write about.

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    My ethnic background is characterized by a unique culture; a combination of both the Mexican and the American cultures. The proximity of the Mexican border provides a continual influx of Mexican nationals that serve to maintain the family and emotional ties to Mexico and to enhance the Mexican cultural values. Pages: 3

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    Source: The method to write on a topic can be different according to your habits. But it might help you to keep some notes before you start writing. Write down your main ideas - not too many, just 4 or 5 main ideas, then beside each of them write examples that would

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    Drop the net in the water and see what turns up. I usually start with something personal: feet, posture, autopsies, shoplifting. But my next impulse, close behind, is to tether it to something else, to find the places of collision with the larger world. I like to think of digression as methodology, to be pursued rather than avoided.

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